HAUTE Models: Gabe Makes Martha & MiMi Moist

 Macy’s – Gabriel Aubry, Mariah & Martha Stewart


 Top model and Halle Berry’s sperm donor/baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, is in a high-frikkin-larious new ad for Macy’s.  He has recently become the new face for Calvin Klein and what a face…….if you like that sort of ruggedly handsome, golden boy look *bitter much?*.  Check out Martha Stewart checkin out his rump and MiMi gettin’ all flustered when ole boy comes strollin’ through the Macy’s lobby leaving a barrage of horny female sales reps quivering in his wake.  You aught not to make the womens fell all creamy like that you cruel, cruel man.  So he’s a successful model with legions of women that want to be his best “friend” and he’s bumpin’ uglies with Halle Berry?  You MUST have sold your soul to the Devil, nobody’s that lucky! 

-Z’maji, “Watch out Gabe, MiMi will eat your face & lay eggs in your dead carcass…….God I love her”

P.S. Check out Gabe with his baby Momma :

Tastier than a plate of interracial neckbones

Tastier than a plate of interracial neck bones, yummiez



6 responses to “HAUTE Models: Gabe Makes Martha & MiMi Moist

  1. them Macy’s commercials really tickle me, brings all them mofos down a couple of a few notches, me likes

  2. I’ve seen that Macy’s commercial and laugh every time cause I know I would be straight busted checking out Mr Grabiel my dayum self!!

    He and Halle do make a scrumptious couple!! 😉

  3. @ Q – yea, they do seem so much more cheap whoring themselves to corporate fashion

    @ chocums’ – I wanna see the “unauthorized sex tape”, Kim Kardashion and Ray J were disappointing

    – Moderator Z’maji

  4. Yeah … Gabriel AND Halle could get it.

    Great commercial!

  5. ^^freak nassy Wanna…..givin’ it to the inna’racials

    – Moderator Z’maji

  6. I like the macys add

    halle and d the guy suit.

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