HAUTE Models: Holly Wins…..If Only She Was Mute

And the winner is.......

…….or maybe if I was deaf.  Holly Kiser, the newbie from Appalachia, beat out 13 other hopefuls for the crown of the Bravo TV sensation, “Make Me A SuperModel”.  I think she is an amazing model and that she has such a promising future in fashion, but thank sweet nougaty centered Jesus Almighty that she’s not a publc speaker.  It’s like Forest Gump was reincarnated as a leggy brunnette, God forbid if she secures a speaking endorsement, that company would go belly up quicker than a hooker turnin’ 2 for 1 tricks in Vegas.  I must say that I’m not suprised about her win tho’.  Out of all of the models in this competition, she showed real potential and not just in an “I’ve got a pretty face and someone told me I should be a model, so I quit my job to do this but I really shouldn’t have cuz they just told me that to set me up for failure” way but REAL potential.  Her photos were heavenly but her runway was simply a dream and I mean that in the most pretentious way possible.  I just hope that “Elite Model Management”, the agency with whom she’s won a contract,  actually gets her work & puts her out there and that she’s not screwed like a well to do suburban white girl on holiday in Bermuda……mm-hmm. 

-Z’maji, “I’ll see ya in the unemployment line Boo!”





One response to “HAUTE Models: Holly Wins…..If Only She Was Mute

  1. wait me up and her nose looks like that from far away????
    Crypt Keeper Game Proper!

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