Fooleries is HAUTE: ‘Know’ Sarah Jessica In A Biblical Way

Oooo sweet Cosmopolitan with a lemon twist flavored Jesus,  this is sooooo wrong.  This is wronger(not a real word) than Aretha Franklin in thong underwear and fishnets.  Fashion Icon and “Worlds Most Un-Sexy Woman” Sarah Jessica Parker, has been immortalized in cheap plastic as a blow up doll lovingly named, ‘Sarah Jessica Porkher’.  I don’t know what’s worse,  the fact that they made it or that the box says she has ‘3 fabulous love holes’………*squints & loads gun*.  Somebody’s surely gonna be gang raped in fashion hell for this one!

Z’maji, “I smell lawsuits and STD’s”


5 responses to “Fooleries is HAUTE: ‘Know’ Sarah Jessica In A Biblical Way


    Z…ya gotta admit it tho…it’s funny as hell!!! 🙂

  2. NO ITS NOT…………Guffaw-Guffaw-Guffaw-HAAAAA!!! You’re right Chocums’ that is funny….

    – Moderator Z’maji

  3. *chokes as orange juice comes sputtering outo of my nose*

    Sex in her Shitty? *dies*

    Now THAT is hilarious! That heiffa Sarah is stylishly unattractive, isn’t she.

  4. Horseyface never did look better than SJP, indeed

  5. @ WANNA – yes she is, as much as I love SJP, she looks like the wicked witch of the west, without the green spray tan….I mean she has the nose, the chin AND the WART to go with it

    @ Q – Giddyup horsey!

    – Moderator Z’maji

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