HAUTE Style: Straws Not Just For The Horses No-Mo’…

Hear ye, Hear ye, get yourself down to the local high-end department store and hold em’ hostage for a straw bag…………or just get a job and buy one, it you go for that sort of employment thing.  Mena Suvari(WHO?!) was caught on somebodies red carpet with a faberluss oversized Valentino Nuage straw bag, which I’m sure she had to return at the end of the night…….friggin’ D*listers.  How cruel to subject that poor bag to be on the arm of what’s her name.  Oh well,  hopefully some of you girls and I’m sure a few of you guys will go out and give some beauteous accessory a nice home.  Time to max out that credit card or get some jackass to max out his……..whichever one makes you sleep easier at night.

-Z’maji, “All you need now is a grass skirt and a coconut bra”


Get Some Fiber In Your Wardrobe:

Valentino Nuage straw woven armbag


Bleecker Straw Clutch by Coach


Francesco Biasia-Glenda Tote in White Straw & Croc Stamp 


Michael Kors Large Santorini Straw Shopper 



3 responses to “HAUTE Style: Straws Not Just For The Horses No-Mo’…

  1. definitely a fabulous look for this summer. love the music on this blog!!!

  2. ^thanx 2 you….and I’m soooo sorry that Naomi threw her phone at you…I hope you kicked her teeth in!

    – Moderator Z’maji

  3. I am Loving Mena Suvari’s do Still (just like I loved that she shaved it for no reason in the first place

    Hotter than hot bag

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