PETA Sux: Dita Makes A Funny & PETA Still Sux Ballz

Oooo, look at Burlesque vixen Dita Von Teese’s ad for PETA, don’t you want to bite her cleavage situations. Tee Hee, fur haters are so sexually frustrated. It amazed me when I found out that they were actually runnin’ around dousing fur wearers with red paint. I think fur is gawdy and unnescessary, but if I’m rockin’ a fur jacket and some loser with a bucket of red paint does a run-bye on me you betta believe that there will be no more posts from Z’maji cuz me and my delicate skin is goin to prison(LAWD they’d pass me around like cigarettes), ain’t nobody bout to mess up my dead carcass. I don’t care if the Chinchilla’s decomposed skull is still visibly attatched, you better keep it movin’ cuz I’ll let you live but I will not be leaving you the use of your limbs. I love animals too but I loathe the very existence of PETA. It’s your right to wear fur, but it should be done in extreme moderation. Now if you’re stylin’ the full length fur coats, the 80’s LAPD called and you’re under arrest for theiving it from 2 decades ago *squints*.

-Z’maji, “PETA……you’ll be recieving a ticking envelope from me in about 2 days….open immediately”

Check out the PETA protesters getting jacked up at the Cavalli show:


2 responses to “PETA Sux: Dita Makes A Funny & PETA Still Sux Ballz

  1. I hate PETA simply because of their tactics. You have a right to protect the animals but you no right to attack me if I’m wearing one on my back, my head, or on the trim of my boots…which you will find squarely implanted in your rear-end if you even walk by me with a can of red paint!

    Jesus be a restraining order!!!

  2. ….yes LAWD! A restrainin’ order and a bodyguard for the feeble of mind!

    – Moderator Z’maji

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