Sex & The City: Big Zexy and Fergs Featured On Movie Soundtrack

Platic Shock vs Juicy Jigglums

Why do the makers of the S&TC movie keep doling out information to us like common crack dealers.  It’s like they give you a little taste for free, just so you can come back later but then you’ll have to turn tricks for some more cuz you’ve already spent all your money, lost your job and sold your child to support your addiction……….so I’ve heard.  Anyway, Big Sexy and Fergs both will be featured on the soundtrack for the S&TC.  Fergs will sing, ‘Labels & Love’, which is the opening number and Big Zexy J. Hud will sang and I mean SANG! the Cee-Lo produced ballad, ‘All Dressed Up In Love’.  Only 44 days until we get some good ole’ SEX……….& The City!                    

Z’maji, “44 days, 6 hours, 25 minutes & 23 seconds…..and counting, c’mon Carrie!”


3 responses to “Sex & The City: Big Zexy and Fergs Featured On Movie Soundtrack

  1. 44 more days until I get some good ole SEX….maaan how I wish that to be true!!! Oh…& The City? Well, that will have to do. tee hee hee :O

  2. UGhh Z I DEMAND that you at least put some modesty black bars on that methfaced monster called Fergie: Baby Donatella is raping my eyes anally as we speak… Please comply

    YOur friend that loves you

  3. @ Chocums’ – pray to Jesus bout yo’ sex, cuz I’ve just come to the conclusion today that I’ll probably never get laid again as long as I live….

    @ Q – Y’know Q baby, I was gonna title this post, “Big Zexy and Fergalicious-Undelicious” but I decided to be nice about her plastic meth face… however haven’t a kind bone in your Zexy body, so you just gotta call that poor girl out…..I like Fergs’ and her botoxed plastic face

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