Fooleries Is Haute: Tender Virginal Flesh Bits

I know that this is sooooo overexposed right now, but this whole thing with Miley Cyrus in Vanity Fair and her exposed back sections is silly.  I mean I understand there being SOME concern,  but people are starting to question if Billy Ray Cyrus is a good father.  Speaking of Disney Channel virgins acting inappropriately in front of flash photography,  this isn’t even as bad as when Vanessa Hudgens exposed her unkempt bush to the nations with those pictures that were “accidently” leaked to the ‘innanetz’.  That was totally a publicity stunt and a desperate plea for a Brazilian wax.  Miley however just made a questionable decision.  I mean this is 2008, there’s all kinds of perverts and lurkin’ 40 year old virgins to be allowing your daughter to whore expose herself to the media.  As for me, sweet lemon merengue flavored Jesus knows that “Achey Breaky Heart” would be a number one hit again before I would let my own daughter expose even her elbow.

 – Z’maji, “What we really need to be discussing is the ribs poking out her back!”


2 responses to “Fooleries Is Haute: Tender Virginal Flesh Bits

  1. Looks like incest; shame on her parents and especially her father.

  2. If people would stop making such a big deal out of the flesh, the flesh wouldn’t be such a big deal. So we see this girl’s back – so what. I’ve seen dresses on young ladies that reaveal just as much.

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