Get HAUTE: ‘Licia Keys Chillaxin In Style

Don’t you get tired of suckin’ in all the times?!  Sometimes you just want to be comfy & cozy and let your tummy fat breath, free of the confines of a girdle without reverting back to the days of Moo-Moos and Run Over House Shoes (sweet tasty lamb of God don’t let it happen!). 

You don’t always have to be swaddled in couture, teetering on stillettos that make your toes scream to God for mercy and vindication.  Instead take a note from the ‘Licia Keys book of style.  When wearing casual or athletic wear,  you can easily spruce up your ensemble with a few strategically placed accessories such as big decorative earrings and delicate chains & bracelets.  Even a scarf in a complementing color, draped gingerly about the neck or worn as a headwrap like ‘Licia here,  can make you pop even in extreme comfort.   Put away the ‘Do Me, Nose-Bleed Pumps’ every now ‘n’ then and chillax with your kool still in tact.

-Z’maji, “You should still be willing to kill your feet for fashion….just give em’ a break somtimes”




Comfy velour from Victoria Secret



MATSUDA Jacquard scarf (



Jimmy Choo ‘Jerry’ Shades



 Gold Hoop Earrings (Forever 21)




Flower Charm Chain (Forever 21)





Rosary Necklace (Forever 21)



Speeder Metallic Puma’s




 Silk Jersey Aztec Printed Scarf by Diane Von Furstenberg (

Oversize Tortoiseshells by  Diane Von Furstenberg ( 




 Vintage Owl/Heart Pendant (Forever 21)



Paige Double Cross Ballerina Flat (



3 responses to “Get HAUTE: ‘Licia Keys Chillaxin In Style

  1. My thing with Alicia that sorta breaks my heart is:

    She does casual and chill and jeans so well

    But her dress pants always suck, she always be having on some shitty fabric that hugs her all wrong, her dresses don’t quite flow or the hair craps it all up… I just want her to do gala and elegant more than 5 times REAL PIMP AND BIG AND RIGHT

  2. ^^I feel you Q, when she was on the Grammy red carpet I wanted to strangle her with her own intestines……she had on a beautiful deep purple gown with that mess of a faux hawk/french roll, hot pink lipstick and I think she had a green palm clutch…………she shoulda been wiped from God’s history that night by a flock of doomsday pigeons, SACRILIGEOUS NINNY!

    She definately a ‘Chilaxin’ kinda girl to the heart

    – Moderator Z’maji

  3. OMG OKAYY!!!???? and what about when they skincase her in Satin
    VACUUM SEALED SATIN!!! A girl with hips and no tits???, a girl who has the money and the looks and the possibility to wear anything pretty, deep cleavaged goddess cut, drapery dresses ??!?!?! really?? Is It Tina Knowles??? is it on purpose??/ is it some evil styling?? who doesn’t know any better??

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