Periodicals Is HAUTE: The ‘Boy Next Door’ Stole My Sang’which


………and didn’t even say “thank you!” – that’s not the Christian way?!  Shia LeBeouf, who is quickly becoming a ‘Man Of Style’,  brightens up the cover of GQ June 08′.  The golden boy is about to be immortalized in the much anticipated “Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”………I could throw up right now from the geeky excitement rising within my man-bosom.  Check him out rockin’ the two piece with the ‘Marlboro Man’ scruff and the bedroom eye-ded swagger.  That’s a good look!  I still wish that rumor about him and Rihanna was true,  Interracial lovin’ is HOOOOOOTTTT!  I can’t wait for this movie……..Now check out Shia below eatin’ my sang’which, Thief!

 – Z’maji,  “I’m one Sci-Fi convention, dressed as Capt Kirk, away from never getting a girl again!”



11 responses to “Periodicals Is HAUTE: The ‘Boy Next Door’ Stole My Sang’which

  1. I am loving the look on the cover!! He’s looking really HOT!! But I’m somewhat biased cause I’m a huge of Shia!

  2. I didn’t know he could look like THAT!

    Real HOT!!!

  3. ^^Oh yea yawl, Shia be doin it up with that skinny white boy swagger…

    – Moderator Z’maji

  4. Okay, this is the first time I am going to say this.


    He usually looks like such a goober. Bravo to the stylist!

  5. ^^I’m tellin’ yawl, homey style game is on point!

    – Moderator Z’maji

  6. WOW!!! I remember when he was a funny looking little boy on “Even Stevens”…now he is all grown and sexy…lol

    Great blog!!

  7. ^^thanx Miss B……and let us not recount Shia’s fugg days on “Even Stevens” and that hair that was truly the devils work….

    – Moderator Z’maji

  8. they are styling that manchild so so so so well lately, perfect example of skinnier legged pants and pointier shoes and newer preppier styles done right!

  9. ^^I know right, he is one of my personal heroes, the underdogs are rulin’ the world!

    I’m also happy they haven’t over producted his hair in this shoot and combed it back making his hairline look like it’s receeding like they sometimes do, BLESS THE SWEET TASTY LAMB OF GOD!

    – Moderator Z’maji


    yeah, that was so sad, a young man with a full blown pompadour gone to seed!

  11. Wow. I am digging this look on him. Never thought he was attractive before, but now …
    *nods head in approval*

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