Haute Tunez: Rihanna & Adam Levine Make Sweet Interracial Innuendos

Maroon 5 feat. Rihanna – If I Never See Your Face Again

1st of all I don’t really listen to Rihanna or Maroon 5 even tho I can enjoy them every now and then.  I’m just not that big of a fan of either,  not like I hate them or anything,  they just ain’t jammin’ in my I-Pod, Zune, Imeem playlist or myspace personal page.  However, in light of this new video, my faith in the shear D’Lushuness of ‘Innarracial’ lovin is reinforced and turned into voyeuristic religion.  How friggin HOT to see Adam Levine and Rihanna in close, inappropriate, and dangerous proximities to each other……..THANK YA SWEET JESUS.  No room for personal boundries or full lung breathing just good ol’ sexual tension.  On top of that both are dressed to a ‘T’ with Adam in his finely fitted suits,  rockin that smoldering European scruffy gentleman look.  Of course Rihanna brought along her best accessories,  ‘DEM LEGS,  draped in burlesque chic and a lucky tutu.  Be careful Adam,  RiRi is a heartbreaker…….after all she did issue a restraing order against me after waking up to me videotaping her asleep.  Ungrateful little wanch!

 – Z’maji, “More songs like this I might add yawl to my myspace”



5 responses to “Haute Tunez: Rihanna & Adam Levine Make Sweet Interracial Innuendos

  1. Adam levine and his gramma voiced self is one of the biggest douches that Calgon ever made….

    But lord jesus forgive me cause I’d still ride that dack like the winning horsey at the last leg of the Kentucky Derby…. *sigh*, I just wouldn’t tell anyone about it

  2. ^^I know Q, he’s sux dirty donkey dong, he’s so full of himself but that boy brings life to a nice suit don’t he!?

    yes, one of the biggest douchcocks around……

    – Moderator Z’maji

  3. oh yeah he can rock a suit or a pair of pants or casual with much too much unfair ease!

  4. add me on myspace slut! don’t be holdin’ out on me! xoxoxxo

  5. p.s. that video makes me horneh. and i’m totally stealing “wanch” heh heh

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