Sex & The City: ‘Sex’ Overload!……Moist’cha!

I have a serious problem.  I love Vogue so much that sometimes in private I pledge my undying loyalty and 1st born spawn to Anna Wintour(Editor In Chief/inspiration for “Devil Wears Prada”),  but then I hate it for being a money hungry, multi-tasking whore with more ads than articles and I want to blow up the head quarters with Anna Wintour tied to her desk………of course I’m just joking…….right?  Anyway,  this is one of the times that I love Winny becuz she has indulged my fantasy with the current issue featuring Carrie and Mr. Big in a layout called, “Rebel Romance”,  yummiez!  It’s a beautiful feast of P.D.A. all over the magical city of New York with the promise of fashionable exhibitionism.  My, my, my it’s only 10 days until the film hits the theatres and I make my local movie house my temporary residence for a week or two.  God willing that the theatre employees don’t realize it and have me arressted and escorted from the premises.  I just hope they don’t end the film with some sort of self sacrifice or unhappy ending like in ‘Thelma and Louise’……….*sob* I still watch that movie wondering if their car will jump to the other side of the canyon…..maybe one day it will, maybe one day it will…………

– Z’maji, “Thanx for the memories Winny……I’ll consider not despising you no more”



Silk evening gown and gloves with Christian Louboutin pumps (SJP) Tom Ford coat, Hugo Boss shirt and Valentino pants (Chris Noth)


Chanel bloucle suit, Lanvin hat, Balenciaga pumps (SJP),   Valentino ensemble (Chris Noth)


Nina Ricci silk/satin dress, Balenciaga shoes (SJP),  Tom Ford vest, Valentino shirt & shoes (Chris Noth)


Peacock lace/tulle dress,  Chanel shoes (SJP)


Cross-back banded dress by Narcisco Rodriguez


Plum colored Marchesa satin organza dress,  Louboutin pumps


Chiffon Versace dress and Monolos (SJP),  Tom Ford suit, Brooks Brothers shirt (Chris Noth)


Dolce & Gabbana chiffon evening gown (SJP)



8 responses to “Sex & The City: ‘Sex’ Overload!……Moist’cha!

  1. So…you enjoy torturing women, huh? I mean…you must…since you showing me a whole lotta shyt I can’t fuggin afford! LOL

    You aint right Z…you aint right…

  2. ^^Suffer M’love, Suffer!

    – Moderator Z’maji

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  4. OMG

    White Sexy Jesus!!

    Are they serious with these clothes!!!!

    *swoon* (I’m NOT swooning about Marchessa and her normally assy unflattering badly made ghetto couture…. so that there is my clarification)

  5. ^^I feel you on Marchesa but I still like that hood-rat roach……she’ll do when the other couture is unavailable

    – Moderator Z’maji

  6. hood-rat roach

    *cranking Dat with the Angels but wondering what monicker the All beloved Z reserves for House of Deadwrong’s Creole Spicy flavor*

  7. Z’maji – where are you my chocolate covered brother? I’m missing you something terrible. I hope all is well in your world. 🙂

  8. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Vigil!!!!

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