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Periodicals Is HAUTE: All Black Vogue……So Close






Liya, Sessilee, Jourdan, Naomi……flawless!


Oooooo,  I’m sooo excited.

Next week, the all black issue of Vogue will hit new stands.  It’s a long time coming and I’m sure that when I buy my copy I’m gonna cry like a little girl, unashamedly and fervently.  I really thought that this was just gonna be a cute thing, but as I’m writing this I feel a little emotional.  Why is it 2008 and black beauty is still not appreciated and respected.   I feel like there are all these people that look at beautiful black women and see a category instead of an amazing looking woman.  I personally know black women and men who should be booked for the biggest runways and the most lucrative endorsements but are being over looked becuz of the color of their skin. 

Sessilee & Tyra Give Old World Glamour

To look at the pictures of these women looking gorgeous and elegant,  displaying the divinity of the black woman.   This is the glory of Naomi and Tyra, Liya and Chanel Iman,  Jourdan and Sessilee and the other overlooked talented few that make up this small group of women that have found footing on the slippery slope that is a whited-out fashion industry.  My heart if full of pride and optimism at the future for women of color that are competent models.  THIS IS NOT ABOUT BLACK MODELS TAKING OVER THE INDUSTRY,  IT’S ABOUT EQUALITY AND RESPECTING EVERY FORM OF BEAUTY.  I really hope that this can be the catalyst for the world of fashion to make the runways and advertorials an array of colors and shades from every race.

-Z’maji, “Raise your glasses to the future *clink*”   



Newz: Vogue ask is Fashion Racist…….DUH?! @*%$


In the shadow of the monster that is “THE ALLLLL BLACK ISSUE OF ITALIAN VOGUE”, the current issue of Vogue(with Nicole Kidman on the cover) has a timely & relevant article on the race issue that is plaguing the fashion industry.  I wasn’t going to read it cuz I was sure there would be a lot of things in it dispelling the fact of the lack of color AND THERE WERE JUST SOOO MANY WORDS, but I took a minute to stop being a douchebag & forced myself to read it.  I must say that I was thorough pleased with the content.  It really took a hard hitting look at real problems in this field.  There were so many points and facts that were made that mirrored my own stance on the “white-out” in fashion.


I really believe that, as the article states,  that it has been a tough past decade for models and that of course it’s REALLY tough for models of color.  I believe that now that the dialogue has been established,  what with legendary models of color Iman & Bethann Hardison holding forums,  I just know we’re in the market for a revolution in the industry.

 – Z’maji, “Colored girls gotta eat too!”


One of my favorite blogs has a lover’ly write up on the article: The Fashion Bomb

HAUTE Ads: The Male Supermodel Lives…..Muhahahaha!


David Gandy, in my opinion,  is single handedly resurrecting the ‘Male Supermodel’ title.  He’s been gracing the scene for a nice minute and now he’s landed the current campaign for one of the few labels I’d commit terrorists acts for,  Dolce & Gabana.  Oh the things I’d do for some Dolce!  Sweet Jesus himself would drop kick me into the smokey mesquite grill of hell for the things I do for some Dolce.  Label whore you say?  More like stankin, any kinda way, leg behind the head, double jointed, devil worshipin’,  filthy, disgusting,  reprobate of a label HOE for Dolce……….don’t make me no offers now!


SIDE-NOTE: I don’t do the terrorist acts, that’s sooo uncute and it’s murder on the complexion!

Anywhoosits,  check out Davey in the beautiful new editorials pullin a car heist with two yummy Bonnie’s!  The pimp hand is strong in this one Yoda!  ‘Dun-dun-duuuuuuunn’



Enjoy the look-books below as you curse the powers that be that won’t give you more cash funds to buy these good stuffs……..hmph, suffer…

Women’s Ready-To-Wear:



Men’s Ready-To-Wear:



– Z’maji,  “Gimme…..I wants it!”

Haute Tunez: The Ting Tings Have No Manners!

The Ting Tings – Shut Up & Let Me Go!

My, my young lady,  didn’t mommy teach you that it is quite rude to tell someone ‘Shut Up’?  That is a rude way to tell someone to go to hell?  The proper way tell someone off is a stong uppercut to the jaw and a swift knee to the bidniss…….goodness where are your manners you rude little minx.  Now follow the Ting Ting’s down the rabbit hole, to the garden of stunt doubles and random acts of sloth.  Wha?  I don’t even know what I meant….

-Z’maji, “Shut Up!? To time out with you young lady!”

Sex & The City: More Satisfying Than Fornicating Beyonce!

I know Amy, who knew that the movie would be that good.  I’m just as shocked as you……now stop cutting yourself,  self mutilation is sooooo 90’s!!!


I really was expecting the movie to be good but I really didn’t expect it to be as good as it was.  I really am pleased that the writers and SJP took the time to give us quality instead of deficatin’ on we the loyal fans of the series.  I really was expecting them to screw us like cheap hooker trollops at Motel 6,  but they really pulled out all the stops.   I really needed me an S&TC fix.  I don’t know about you peoples but I was starting to itch like a crackhead.  I mean I don’t think it’s good to go that long without gratuitous sex viewage and obscenely decadent fashion usage.  I was about to hold up Saks 5th and make the sales girls act out scenes from the show.  It was gon’ be real ugly off in the ready-to-wear department…..TRUST!

However, Carrie,  Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte didn’t miss a beat as they sashayed back onto the screen,  in the finest labels and overactive sex organs, ready to win our hearts all over again.  They truly succeeded.  Not only was there plenty of dirty sexy time in the movie but there was actually a semi-full frontal from Gilles Marini, who played Samantha’s next door, man-whoring neighbor,  SCANDAL, Jesus is not pleased,  I should know, he sent me a text about it…..true.   Look how displeased whyte Jesus is………..

This movie literally had everything you would want and stuff you didn’t even know you wanted.  Good job SJP.  So I guess it’s time to break out that ol’ celibacy…..till we has the SEX again

-Z’maji,  “If’n you want to know more, stop bein’ cheap and go see the film,  I shan’t betray my sweet Miranda’s…….I could neva’ upset me’ darlin’ firecrotch!”