HAUTE Ads: The Male Supermodel Lives…..Muhahahaha!


David Gandy, in my opinion,  is single handedly resurrecting the ‘Male Supermodel’ title.  He’s been gracing the scene for a nice minute and now he’s landed the current campaign for one of the few labels I’d commit terrorists acts for,  Dolce & Gabana.  Oh the things I’d do for some Dolce!  Sweet Jesus himself would drop kick me into the smokey mesquite grill of hell for the things I do for some Dolce.  Label whore you say?  More like stankin, any kinda way, leg behind the head, double jointed, devil worshipin’,  filthy, disgusting,  reprobate of a label HOE for Dolce……….don’t make me no offers now!


SIDE-NOTE: I don’t do the terrorist acts, that’s sooo uncute and it’s murder on the complexion!

Anywhoosits,  check out Davey in the beautiful new editorials pullin a car heist with two yummy Bonnie’s!  The pimp hand is strong in this one Yoda!  ‘Dun-dun-duuuuuuunn’



Enjoy the look-books below as you curse the powers that be that won’t give you more cash funds to buy these good stuffs……..hmph, suffer…

Women’s Ready-To-Wear:



Men’s Ready-To-Wear:



– Z’maji,  “Gimme…..I wants it!”


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