Newz: Vogue ask is Fashion Racist…….DUH?! @*%$


In the shadow of the monster that is “THE ALLLLL BLACK ISSUE OF ITALIAN VOGUE”, the current issue of Vogue(with Nicole Kidman on the cover) has a timely & relevant article on the race issue that is plaguing the fashion industry.  I wasn’t going to read it cuz I was sure there would be a lot of things in it dispelling the fact of the lack of color AND THERE WERE JUST SOOO MANY WORDS, but I took a minute to stop being a douchebag & forced myself to read it.  I must say that I was thorough pleased with the content.  It really took a hard hitting look at real problems in this field.  There were so many points and facts that were made that mirrored my own stance on the “white-out” in fashion.


I really believe that, as the article states,  that it has been a tough past decade for models and that of course it’s REALLY tough for models of color.  I believe that now that the dialogue has been established,  what with legendary models of color Iman & Bethann Hardison holding forums,  I just know we’re in the market for a revolution in the industry.

 – Z’maji, “Colored girls gotta eat too!”


One of my favorite blogs has a lover’ly write up on the article: The Fashion Bomb


2 responses to “Newz: Vogue ask is Fashion Racist…….DUH?! @*%$

  1. How rich of vogue, Anna-i’m-an anorexic-corpse-Wintour to be asking

    And still the girls look FEROSH!

  2. ^^Yes, y’know if there was an Oscar for “Best Resembles Skeletor” old Winnie and her brolic, angry bob would get it….

    – Moderator Z’maji

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