HauteBlogBattleArena: Michelle O. vs Cindy Mc. – Hautest Prospective 1st Lady

Oooo, so Jacki O!



UFC ain’t got nothin’ on the H.B. Battle Arena babeh!  The race to the White House has been ugly and scary and no I’m not talking about crows feet tracks on Hilary’s face,  I’m talking about the war of words and propaganda that has been unleashed on the country.  So who is the Hautest Prospective 1st Lady?  Who deserves to sit at the White House bored to death for lack of anything to do?  Who deserves to have sexi-time with the leader of the free world?  Who should be allowed to cut the cheeze on Air Force One?  It’s only fitting that we pit them against each other in a duel to the death or at least until someone loses a limb or an ovary.

In this corner with the butta brown skin, Michelle Obama……..my, my she speaks so well for a black.  In this corner with the steely gaze of the living dead with the promise of eternal damnation,  Cindy McCain,  hide the babies.  Let the girl fight begin…..I present the evidence…..


Barrack called Michelle his rock & John called Cindy a cunt


*CHEEZE* Get my good side or when I’m 1st lady I’ll kill you


Presidential Side-Eye


Givin’ you girls 1st Lady face


  -Z’maji, “Politics is a violent sport!”


3 responses to “HauteBlogBattleArena: Michelle O. vs Cindy Mc. – Hautest Prospective 1st Lady

  1. Negro: What kind of question is that???

    Michelle All the way!!!

    Plus her face still moves

    Plus she ain’t some OG Hussy that take crippled women’s husbands from them

    Plus she is FIERCE

  2. I know right!? That face is ’bout to go to pieces any minute and signal the coming of Christ & the end of the world……

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