HAUTE Tunez: The Supremes Come For Solange

Solange vs The Supremes – I Decided (Come See About Me)

Uh-oh?!  The Supremes done ran up on Solange and took her situation hostage,  you don’t want none Sol’Angel.  You betta get back here to Texas cuz I heard Ms. Ross don’t play nobody else tryina sing lead………..Ol’ Girl bust heads like UFC!  They’ll find yo body in a garment bag strangled with chiffon and stuffed with sequins!   I’ve been on a Diana Ross binge lately on YOUTUBE (NO, SERIOUSLY, I NEED AN INTERVENTION YESTERDAY, I’M ABOUT TO START DOIN STRANGE THANGS FOR OLD DIANA PERFORMANCE CLIPS) and I came across this mashup of The Supremes and  Solange’s for the latters video “I Decided” and I love it so much I’m gonna marry it and then divorce it and have it knocked off so I don’t have to pay child support.  I just hope don’t nobody catch a Ike Turner skull thrashin’ for this unauthorized creation……….yawl know Solange daddy got mob ties!

-Z’maji, “Has Beyonce approved this?”


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