Shady Dealin’s: Beyonce’s White Doppleganger, “Beyecky”


This ain’t nothin’ but the Debil!

So very mad and pissed about it,  but apparently Creole McLadyCakes (Beyonce) has an white evil twin,  named Beyecky.  Yea,  Beyecky is sooooo, like totally high fashion & in vogue for like…..sure!That can be the only explanation for this new campaign of smear against black beauty by Loreal.  Now I will admit that it seems like Beyonce gets lighter and lighter all the time and I’m sure she’ll soon be transparent,but you can tell me that’s the REAL Beyonce.  I might not be splittin’ atoms and assistin’ with space shuttle plans, Lord save the astronauts if’n I was, but I know when peoples is tryin’ to get me with the ‘okka-doke. 

Honey, Caramel, Tan, WHYTE!?…… is TRANSPARENT!

Do you remember when Beyonce was that pretty lil colored girl from Houston Texas (H-Town stand up!) with the speech impediment,  walked like a duck and had that sexy excess baby fat?  Now she’s the pretty, metropolitan New York socialite that don’t know what chitlins is……….you know what chitlins is lil mama…….and corn bread……and sweet tater pie!  I bet if’n I wave a box of Popeyes with red beans & extra grease under her nose,  that lil colored girl would truly show her color. 

-Z’maji, “Oh my God Beyecky, look at her butt, it is like sooooo big!”


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