SO Haute Right Now: Michelle & Solange Killin Yawl With Aspirations


Y’know my friend Chelsea refers to Michelle in passing by saying, “Beyonce,  What’s Her Face (Kelly) & No Name (Michelle) and worse than that she calls Solange the “other one” or “the one Daddy forgot”,  but NAY I SAY!  Both of these young ladies are stepping out as style trendsetters and taking refreshing chances in their music,  trying to give the people somethin’ worth looking forward to but they both are stuck in that, “She ain’t Beyonce” zone.

I don’t care what you people think,  I love Michelle and Solange.  I think more people need to give them a chance and not just becuz they both have a great set of groceries,  but becuz they have something great to offer and not just great back-up for Beyonce’s gyratin’ love cakes.  So I say if Daddy Knowles allowed them out of the basement to release projects, then by God we should support them so that they can buy back their freedom just like any other self respecting slave.  Afterall,  isn’t it the Christian way?  C’mon………*WWOD* What Would Oprah Do?! 

I know one thing both of these girls is servin’ yawl silly DOWN with that $1500 wash and wear premium strand Korean Yaky,  Stylin’ on yawl girls like Usain Bolt!

-Z’maji, “I hope Beyonce don’t read this,  I don’t remember my Santeria spells to ward off evil Creoles”


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