Best & Worst: People Magazine’s Anneurism


……and baby, it’s not just official,  they lil list is certifiable.  I’m not tryin to come for nobody but who in the blind, bloody eye-ded hail is making the list over there at People?  Rabid diabetic swamp monkeys have better judgement.  Ridin coach on that train to Never Evah land is Ms. Kate Hudson.  I’m kinda sad about my boo-boo Fergalicious Un’Delicious being on it too, but I think it’s just her botoxed mug and tiny forehead square footage.  Even tho these two choices are the only two that I disagree with, they are two people who I’m always afraid to see on the red carpet becuz I’m always sure that I’ll be impressed to gouged out my eyes till brain matter pours forth……..Drama much!?

However I can officially make my peace with the list becuz my obsession and sole reason for living Cougar Crush,  Mrs. Michelle “butta brown” LaVaughn Robinson-Obama,  rounds out the Best dressed list, she so almondy.  Soooooo, since they got this one soooo right,  I guess I can withhold the hellfire & brimstone and good ol’ kuntry butt-whoopin’ from raining down on these pitiful souls………for now, MU-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-*COUGH-WHEEZE-HACK-AH-HAGH*

And clearly, Captain Obvious, decided the Worst Dressed list:

-Z’maji, “I commit that if’n ever People names Cindy McCain as best dressed,  Sweet Tasty Lamb of God is my witness,  I’ll be endin a few lives”


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