HAUTE Tunez: Vintage: Glam Rock’s Humble Bedazzled Beginnings

Roxy Music – LadyTron

Roxy Music was on the forefront of the Glam Rock movement, which was of course gently introduced to us by The Thin Man, aka: The Man That Fell To Earth, bka: Ziggy Stardust, Mister David Bowie.  Of course, when I say gently introduced, I really mean forced on us like a prison yard gang bangin’ bedraggled in glitters sung in sequined perfect harmony.  I believe this particular song inspired the band of the same name to adopt the name as their moniker.  I wish I was the lead singer of a Glam Rock band.  We’d be called The Sparkly Suicidal McCockadoodles!  That’s classy……like silver lame butt-less chaps.  Jesus will be pleased.

-Z’maji, “Check out them out fits,  what cha’ll know about those sequined animal prints,  PETA BE DAMNED TO HELL ON A POLAR BEAR CARCASS!”


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