HAUTE Tunez: M.I.A. Be Slangin That Sang’Which Meat

Paper Planes – M.I.A.

M.I.A. got me lookin’ SO crazy right now what with her bollywood, hip-hop girl style and her innovative spaced out, reffer madness sounds.  And who knew that Miss M.I.A.  was multitalented,  an M.C. AND a soul food stand operator,  Sang’wich anyone?  She also got that, “cute as a button, kinda sort of bathed 2 weeks ago, but not really cuz I been higher than gasoline, but it’s okay cuz I gotz Febreeze” look that’s so in right now.  This new song of hers is so goodt’ to me that when I heard it on the radio I had to pull over and get my dutty whine on,  of course then a cop pulled over and asked me why I was gettin’ inappropriate with my automobile.   Well the song just made me feel so sexi on the inside part,  I had to work it out. 

Z’maji, “And you know what else,  her album is HAUTE too!  Jesus just be workin’ it out”


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