HAUTE Style: Dita Is Such A Tease!

 Dita: Oh Sweetie, I didn’t say that you could actually speak to me…….oh bless your heart….



Mm-hmm,  I’ll take a side of that with biskitz and gravies,  xtra cheeze pleeze!  Miss Dita came out to give face and reinforce low self-esteem in women everywhere for the launch of her line of lingerie for the WonderBra company.  She was all a glow in old Hollywood glamour with complementing sumpshusness. She’s like yummy dipped in yummy covered in d’lishus sprinkled with yummiez and drizzled with alabaster torture!  Don’t you just want to gobble her up?  I just want to spread her on a soda cracker and snort her like blow!  Oh My GAAAAHHD!  I guess makin’ sloppy dirtiez with Marilyn Manson does a body better than milk………….course you’ll burn in hell but you’ll look like Dita!

-Z’maji, “When Satan claims Marilyn’s dirty soul,  I got dibs on Dita!” 


Here’s the commercial,  try not to drool on my blog,  it’s unrefined:

[Look Ma!  I steal’d it @ DListed]


4 responses to “HAUTE Style: Dita Is Such A Tease!

  1. I wish for less make up with her but that fucking dress is exquisite!

  2. @ Q – Since you’re my ‘wife’ and I love you and domestic abuse is against the law, I shall ignore that evil comment about Dita make-up……….now perform your wifely dutiez! *wink*

  3. uh… ok!

    *pops Coochie and hands over Cat o’ nine*

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