R.I.P. : CosmoGirl Caught That Rigormortis



Say it ain’t so,  CosmoGirl is out of bidniss?  Well nobody slit their wrists or gouge out their eyes in grief and bitter mourning.  I’m just sure that if CosmoGirl is gone that the Armageddon can’t be far off *SARCASM*,  I just pray to the sweet tasty lamb of God that the 4 horsemen aren’t complete douchecacks that’ll reduce us to wearing polyesther and anything designed by Lauren Conrad.  The people at Cosmo shouldn’t be too suprised tho’,  I mean children don’t read now-a-days.   They’re too busy watching The Hills and payin’ bums to buy beer for weekend kegers and playin that hippity-hop music.  Well I guess I’ll have to find somethin’ else to burn for kindlin’ in those unforgiving winter months.

-Z’maji, “If they hadn’t off’d themselves, woulda done it myself,  not as messy and less self esteem to clean up afterwards”


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