Mag Rag: Bouncy McJiggle’yums Is InStyle

Mrs. Carter is cheesin’ it up on the cover of InStyle magazine’s November issue.  Suprisingly they don’t have any vulgar or compromising pictures of her doin’ the booty hop, tootsie roll or pop-lock’n-drop it’s, but I’m just a boy……..I don’t understand………PUT A RING ON IT.  I personally love the drama of big hair and sparkly clothes which are her signature but I must say this toned down breezy bohemian glam is quite refreshin’.  I love the golden smokey eye and the neutral lip,  it’s just right so that you can actually see the girl.  The laced fronted,  chicken grease smothered,  beautiful eye’d girl!   

-Z’maji, “UH-OH, that don’t look like House of Dereon……….Mama Tina is gon’ beat that head in!”


2 responses to “Mag Rag: Bouncy McJiggle’yums Is InStyle

  1. t’s just right so that you can actually see the girl. The laced fronted, chicken grease smothered, beautiful eye’d girl!

    Agreed daddy my only complain here would be that the eyebrows either need to be bleached to a brown tone OR the hair darkened… seems like a superharsh effect on an otherwise subdued look, don’t cha think?

  2. Well, I just have to apologize for our southern ways. Sometimes we just can’t let go of bad habits!

    -Moderator Z’maji

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