Haute Tunez: My Bran Bran Nanna Nut Muffin Head Is Breakin’ My Heart

Brandy (B-Rocka) – Long Distance


My sweet love is strummin my pain with her new song and video so good I think I might actually start stalking her.  Don’t worry,  I don’t mean creepy stalking,  just the obsessive kind where she might walk into her hotel room and find me dressed up in all her clothes acting out scenes from Moesha.  *tee hee* That’s funni.  This is one of those cinematic masterpeices that few artists ever get the chance to participate in.  It was heaven to see my Bran Muffin all decked out in old Hollywood glamour.  Yea I think I’m gonna stalk her now,  she deserves someone to love her………….FOREVERRRRRR!

-Z’maji, “I’m just joking,  stop bein a loser and get a colonic.  Uptight much!?”


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