The Idiot Box: Brooke Gotz Hosed!

I’m pissed Indies.  I just found out that Brooke Shields lil show Lipstick Jungle got the can.  It was my knock off “Sex & The City” fix and now it’s gone like a high school girls virginity on prom night,  leaving me feeling cheap, unsatisfied and greasy.   I mean this was even after I found out it wasn’t about lipstick lezzies tossin around their boxes in NYC to any and everything with a pulse *disappointment*.  I’m more confused than trying to hold a conversation with actual living, breathing people.  Where ever shall I find intelligent, successful, sexy white women dressed up in designer crap, looking photo shoot ready mid-day for no reason,  dealing daily with petty life situations?  How come all the good stuff gets cancelled and Perez Hilton is still getting to make dookie all over television with his VH1 specials………..of course………..well………… is VH1.
-Z’maji,  “Why I do believe I shall swoon!”

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