R.I.P.: The Notorious B.E.T.T.Y.




That haute piece of 1950’s pinup tail,  Betty Paige,  has passed on after a heart attack and a 3 week battle with pneumonia,  that strong old bird.  Betty was a key figure in the sexual revolution of the 60’s and her likeness has become a staple on the face of vintage Americana.  If you’re the kind of person that enjoys being bound and gagged by aggressive midget trolls and beat with various household objects until you lose consciousness,  you partly have Betty to thank.  However, she wasn’t just a face among the crowd of beauties,  she was a movement and now she has a cult following that includes magazines, comics,  action figures and a 2005 biopic of her life, “The Notorious Betty Page.”  As if all that doesn’t make her your main obsession,  she was once committed to a mental institution……….*GASP* SHE’S FABULOUS! 



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