Die 2008! DIE! And Take Kanye West and Man Skirts With You!



Well Fashionophiles,  we’ve come to the end of this gaping maw of a butthole we call 2008.  Being the selective douchecack that I am, I felt I needed to violate you one last time like R Kelly at a Girl Scouts sleepover before we cross over into 09′. This year has been bitter sweet hasn’t it my Fashionophiles?          




We got our 1st black president but we lost a hot, stacked soccer mom with power suits that made Hilary Clinton’s snicker doodle implode with jealousy.




Britney brought sexy back but Amy CrackHouse started looking like something out of Thriller.


project runway final 060308

Christian Siriano released magnificent product, taking his spot as a candidate for fashion’s future but this season’s Project Runway sucked man-berriez like eager back alley prostitwats.


Marc Jacobs

Fashion Indie’s Fashion Week Brooklyn was the toast of New York but Marc Jacobs continued to flash bystanders that malnourished little peen from under his crushed velvet man skirt………..NYPD did nothing, PIGS!




Daniel Saynt and Rebecca Alexander of Fashion Indie joined in matrimony, filling the world with love and beauteously raunchy married relations but Spencer and Heidi threatened us with the possibility of producing offspring, filling the world with fear and horror, sending some into suicidal fits of madness.


killed in Grace Jonesesque chic but made stinky poo glitter all over music.



pushed the limits of urban fashion but pushed the limits of urban fashion…………..and yes he’s still ‘IGNANT’, his brain is still lodged betwixt his sphincter!


Anna Wintour

My fellow site Fashion Indie got more awesome-er but Annie Wintour is still in power devouring the souls of our young, all whilst enjoying high tea…………..and she still ain’t got rid of that tired and ovah bob!

And lastly but most importantly, I’ve never been more sexifull…………Put A Ring On It!

See ya on the other side my little Haute Ones!

  – Z’maji     aka: The High Priest of Man-Diva Ovahness!


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