‘Nouncementz: HauteBlog Shine In 09’

Kardashian in the Whitehouse

Fashionophiles,  I must apologize for neglecting you like Katrina victims & unwanted redheaded abortion survivin’ baby childrenz (down with baby killerz *GRRRR*).  However it’s 09′ so let’s all step it up a lil and stop smokin’ crack pebbles  and sleepin’ with random homeless people and buyin’ sweat shop knock offs.   It’s time to be better than we were in 08′.  You can trust,  I’m SO back and you can take that to the bank………….just don’t cash that girl till Friday,  those insufficient fund fees suck horse pa-kee-kee!

Z’maji,  “09′ is mine,  MU-HA-HA-HA-HAAAAAAA *dramatic much*”


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