‘Nouncementz: Z’maji’s 09’ Wishlist, Gimme More!

I wants it and I wants it NOW!  Last year was a not very friendly to the advancement of my wardrobe and personal belongings.  I was thinking about stealing what I wanted but thievery is so not in season, neither is being caught and going to the clink to play wife to some big dude named Lester with a penchant for rough lovin *shudder*.  So instead I’ll let you all getz it for me……………….stop laughin’ you!




Stephen SprouseLouis Vuitton collection by Marc Jacobs.  Why yes, yes I am a label whore.



Asus T91 convertible touch screen PC.  It does something important but I just want it cuz it’s sexifull.



Billionaire Boys Club Diamond Dollars Gold Backpack *drooling and mindless babbling*



Space Diaper from who else but the Japanese (love the Hentai diagram.  What!?  Sometimes I be bloggin and I don’t wanna get up,  you don’t know me!


LV Monogram Canvas Sac a Dos Bosphore(the real thing, NOT a knock off, slay the bootlegerz,  slay them now).  I was The Louis Vuitton Don back when Kanye was wearin’ Wal-Mart clearance items and Blue Blockers.




Raf Simons space boots………………..that is all.



Paco Rabanne 1 Million fragrance,  becuz every man should smell like an expensive hustler with morals and an eager libido.





So many people say they blog cuz it’s fun,  which I agree with but I’m trying to keep it pushin and stack some fun coinage.  Why not get paid for your intellectual content,  of course in my case I don’t know if you’d consider my foolishness intellectual?  Are you laughing again? *anger*


Skull Candy “TI” headphones cuz I’m so retro nouveau and I gotta still look cuter that other people whilst I surf the blogosphere



The Beatles collectibles by Stanley Kubrick.  Only problem is they look so real,  I just know they’ll come to life while I sleep and kill me like in “Tales From The Hood”.  I know such shame for actually seeing that movie.



2 responses to “‘Nouncementz: Z’maji’s 09’ Wishlist, Gimme More!

  1. I sooo need those headphones!

  2. No, No, No Niyi Crown, you can’t have them before me! You’re always tryin to hogg all the glam’ah from the rest of the divas! *CHEEZE*

    Moderator Z’maji
    High Priest of Man-Diva Ovahness!

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