HAUTE Adz: Vickie B’s Turn



Oh my’lanta,  I guess one Beckham servin’ up the monkey fixins and sexy cakez wasn’t enough.  It’s amazing that Victoria Beckham doesn’t do a thing in life but show up on red carpets and pose for ads and get paid millions,  I ain’t mad or nothin’,  I just wish she’d return my call about that little $3,000,000 payday loan I asked her about when she woke up and I was standing over her bed watching her sleep.  I said I’d pay it back dang!  People get a lil husband with some money and position in the world and they act like they can’t let you hold a lil sumthin. 


Honestly,  I think this is all a plot for Armani to be able to have portraits of the Beckhams in compromising positions *woof* hanging in his private bathroom at the castle for “personal” sexy time(it gets lonely at the top ya’ll)…………or maybe that’s just what I’d do…………..don’t judge me.

Z’maji, “Can you believe she still ain’t got back 2 me about that 3 mill?”


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