Z’maji Sayz: And Yes, Even The Red Carpet Was Bored.

I don’t understand how you can have lots of cash money fundages that you didn’t have to lay on your back to make or get on your knees for and you can’t for the love of Sasha Fierce’s glitter poo find a stylist with an original point of view *Grrrr*.
I’m belly achin’ of course because the Golden Globes went down a few days ago (and by ‘Golden Globes WENT DOWN’,   I don’t mean Pam Anderson made another tape with Tommy) and even tho the ladies were dressed to the Motha-McLovin-T,  the ensembles were all so monotonous,  typical and just plain ol’ icky caca boring.  You know things are wrong when you start to make life choices such as, “should I keep watching this trash or go in my closet and smother myself in a pile of couture?”  It was more painful to watch than sitting in another city whilst your FashionINDIE co-workers live blog from the sidelines of a fashion show *sad*…………and that’s real tangible pain like kidney stones or asbestos panties or anger sex with Judge Judy.

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