HAUTE Tunez: Christina Milian Made Me Swallow My Gum

Christina Milian – Us Against The World

(WARNING: May Cause Sexual Arousalmentation………ness)

Back in the day Christina Milian had a song called, “Get Away and I fell head over heels in stalk love, even when she started makin sexi timez with Nick Cannon *jealous*.  Everyone has their flaws,  maybe at the time she had low self-esteem or a brain aneurysm or a yeasty infection that was affecting her ability to make responsible life choices?  Whatever the case, she was and still is a vision of ‘thank ya jesus’.   Her new song “Us Against The World”is refreshing but the daring leotards are like pure adrenaline.  I know my pulse was racing – wait,  maybe that was for another reason, down boy*woof*.  Anyway,  congratulationings to sensational model Nick Dese who plays Christina’s mysterious desert lover mayne.  Unfortunately,  they ended the scene before we got to see some butta brown relations but I’d like to believe he rocked her wig……….in the biblical sense of course.  I really hope he wifes her and lives off the residue.

-Z’maji,  ”  *watches video for the 30th time,sigh*  “


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