PETA Sux: SeaKittens?! Well I’m Sure They’ll Taste Good With Tartar Sauce Too!


PETA won’t be happy till we’re wearing human skin parkas and eating burgers made out of everyday peoplez.  Those tree molestin’ loons continued they’re push toward a certified assault to the face and vital organs from yours truly with their latest whoring for attention being on food, which of course is 1 of my favorite past-times.  I’ve tollerated the foolishness about the fur *zones out, gurgles, “Fur is murder,  faaaaaabulous murder”* but when you start messin with my Fillet-a-fish (if that’s what it really is) from McDumpys and baby fish eggs on crisp soda crackers well that’s just Un-American,  Un-American indeed! 

They’ve dubbed fish: ‘sea kittens’…………….no really,  ‘sea kittens’!  

Honestly,  I’m not really bothered.  If they call them ‘sea kittens’,  that’s just a cute name I can think of as I inhale a plate of ’em with tater fries and fixins.  Being a black southern gentleman, from sturdy, cholesterol rich country people,  I’ve eaten my weight in catfish many times over.  So I just need PETA to know that if they try to mess with my tasty’n’fried, fatnin ‘sea kittens’,  lives will be lost………… seriously I’ll claw their eyes out, I mean it. 

Z’maji,  “Here kitty, kitty, kitty…………Z’maji wants to give you a nice warm corn meal and hot grease bath”


3 responses to “PETA Sux: SeaKittens?! Well I’m Sure They’ll Taste Good With Tartar Sauce Too!

  1. LOL yeah im a southern breed black woman myself. and all i see is cute little entrees. im an environmentalist at heart but they take that stuff WAY way too seriously

  2. ^^Yea Breezy, I know. They can call em seapuppies or seahamsters or seainfants for all I care. I’ll still be havin’ them with hush puppies and tater fries!

    – Moderator Z’maji,
    High Priest of Man-Diva Ovahness

  3. If you don’t like it it’s not like they’re forcing you to look into it. lol They aren’t mailing it to your house. The only way to even view this is to purposefully go to their website so if you don’t like them why were you there? And honestly you calling their way of thinking “un-American” is quite un-American yourself. Being an American is all about freedom of speech and being able to do things your own way without being persecuted. No one posts blogs about you calling you an idiot for eating meat, I presume. And Breezy, it’s all in the eye of the beholder just because you feel they take it too seriously doesn’t mean that statement holds true, of course you think they take it too seriously but that’s because you think and were most likely raised far differently from these people. That’s kind of like saying that a woman who feels passionately about abortion, on whichever side it may be, and creates slogans and does campaigns is “taking it all too seriously.” If these people want to express their love for the earth and all the creatures God placed on it, then why do you care? It’s funny how you people are always bashing PETA. How about you look in the mirror for a little while and remember that no one is perfect and if you think the way they act, feel, and behave is a flaw, I’m sure there are much worse ones than being a little over compassionate. BTW I eat fish I just think this post and the manner you spoke about PETA was pretty immature. If wanna eat fish then eat fish but could you leave the poor little PETA people alone? I think they get enough crap from the rest of the world and don’t really need to hear it from some no body blogger on the internet.

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