Photoshop Me Til I’m Cute: Fergie and M.A.C. Have Some ‘Splainin’ To Do.


Fergie for M.A.C. Viva Glam


I love Fergadocious just like the next person that doesn’t hate her and wish her dead but THIS ain’t her.  Please, understand me,  I’m all for airbrushing out bullet wounds and cellulitus meatz and the stretch marks of low self esteem,  but when I have to do an investigation into who in the photoChoped, pixelated hail you are,  we’ve overdone it just a wee taste.  There ain’t enough workin out of the fitness in the world that would merit these foolishnesses before us. 

Well…………..whoever this young lady is,  she’s lovely and showgirl plumage is so in this season,  git it mommi!


Z’maji,  “Maybe I’m wrong.  Does married life stretch the face and tiddy bosomz to perfection?”


2 responses to “Photoshop Me Til I’m Cute: Fergie and M.A.C. Have Some ‘Splainin’ To Do.

  1. Baby Husband: They can Photoshop her til Jesus comes back… just not til she’s cute cause that’s NOT gonna happen

  2. ^^I know loving wife, but I like her music so I try to be kind………………..and then I talk about her in secret, y’know, like a true friend.

    Moderator Z’maji
    High Priest of Man-Diva Ovahness HA!

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