Blessed Be Coco



You betta pose you d’lushuz piece of woman cakez!

Here’s Coco Rocha in Spanish Vogue(I would’ve said Vogue Espana but I can’t figure out how to put the ~ over the ‘n’ *shamed*).  A few years ago,  Vogue did a issue called “The Worlds Next Top Model”, which featured 10 fresh faces including Chanel Iman, Agyness Deyn and sweet Coco.  Even though all the girls looked in serious need of cornbread and donut’n’pork sausage sang’whiches,  I saw heaven in Coco’s food deprived eyes.   From that moment on,  I knew I’d love her till the 12th of never when Karl LagerfeldSatan brought back bowler hats and Doc Martins.  In all honesty,  that’s true,  she totally killed that issue like none of the other girls could.  Clearly they were too hungry to give face ovahness and pose silly down like sweet Coco.  Now be silent and worship.  If you’re good she’ll frown for you and make your life of value,  insolent dogs. 

 – Z’maji, “Oh Coco,  I’ve just promoted your career  and you didn’t even have to promise me your 1st born”






4 responses to “Blessed Be Coco

  1. ALT 164 (a spick would KNOW that! LOL

    I think the cover is delish But do me a favor one day and pick up Hola! for the sake of your eyes and mine… I’ve NOT NEVER in my life have seen a bigger bunch of bitches that can’t dress to save their lives, can’t properly fucking wear a wedding outfit where a hat is required (the British girls have it on lock) or fucking make a look where things either MATCH or GO together.. is a fucking disaster and a family pastime at my household: How many Bitches dressed BADLY can we catch in Hola!

    It’s wrong cause : they have the raw material, they are fucking models and royalty and they look like BUTT! (everyone but Letizia!)

    But if you ever watch TVE or Spaniard news you play this game with DELIGHT cause all them chicks are conceited, cunts, rude, obnoxious and Do honestly believe they are some hot shit

  2. Well I’m about to do my research imme’giately so I can play the game too. A lot of times they have these people with no skills in styling or make-up artistry but they have connections. Like they’re someones cousin or auntie or secret homosexual concubine adulterer. It’s about the connex cuz some of the things I’ve seen, I just know someone owed someone else a favor.

    – Moderator Z’maji
    High Priest of Man-Diva Ovahness!

  3. secret homosexual concubine adulterer

    *dead* well basically, and you can rip them tacky rich hoes to shreds and thank me later, personally i think they think they are sooooo the shit that ANYTHING they whip up will be acceptable unto the eyes!

  4. Well I’m on it m’love. Can we have Hamburger Helper and Empanada’s for dinner tonite?

    – Moderator Z’maji
    High Priest of Man-Diva Ovahness

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