Hello Kitty: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop!


Hello Kitty is more than an entrepreneur,  she’s a bitter Nazi like dictator bent on world domination *meow*.  That thang is spreadin’ like a burnin’ venereal disease amongst the children at Spring Break in Cancun,  with no sign of remission.  I thought I had seen it all when I saw those Asian terrorists with Hello Kitty Rifles,  I was so done you coulda served me as dinner at Oprah’s with mama bizkitz and taterz.  However,  not to be deterred,  Ms. Kitty forges on with a fresh cosmetics line through M.A.C. or as many of you reprobates call them God!  What will HK do next?  Maybe Hello Kitty Colostomy bags?  A Hello Kitty wooden prosthetic leg with a hungry termite in it and the termite is wearing a Hello Kitty t-shirt & beret?  No?








For those of you who thought I was kidding and would dare to question my authoritaaaar!  See God’s beloved weildin’ said object below:




3 responses to “Hello Kitty: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop!


    I don’t NEED This… but I need it!

  2. Want for it Mammi!

  3. Love’s the m16! I need it!!!

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