Tila Teqkillya……You’re Such A Prude!

*The following post is snarky,  however, let’s not get it mixed up,  Teqkillya still looks so ridiculously d’lushiss…………..naughty, but d’lushiss*
Behold the pure virginal holiness and sanctified church girl glam’ah of Asian American reality T.V. tiddiez.  Now don’t get me wrong,  Like any red blooded American male I likez breasticals just like the next pervert but a brassiere should not be worn as a shirt unless you’re a stripper,  porno beaver about to perform despicable actz or an evening woman of questionable repute…………..of course, we are talking about Tila Teqkillya.
Okay, Mommi,  I get it.  You bought some fresh new silicon setz to prop up your bra meatz and you’d like to play show and tell with the rest of the class.  However m’dear,  you shouldn’t be allowing people to check out the groceries until they pay all surcharges, service and admission fees.  I mean if’n you’re going to dress like a back alley, 360 degree, any-kinda-way-whore you should conduct your bidniss as such.  Love ya Teqkillya.
*  ‘Teqkillya’ is courtesy of extraWhoredinary.com *
-Z’maji,  “I bet her under tiddy is chaffed”

11 responses to “Tila Teqkillya……You’re Such A Prude!

  1. her face is like “woohooo looka muh tittaaaays!!! tittytittytittytittieeesss!”

    nice bra tho.

  2. ^^HA! Shut up BELLA. That’s not what her face is doin, it’s gas from her uterus, she’s tryin to play it off……….

    Moderator Z’maji
    High Priest of Man-Diva Ovahness!

  3. ZHusband… i have Nothing but hate for you for this foolishness

    The skirt is kinda delicious tho

  4. QQWife, hush that now……..we can’t let Teqkillya know that she did anything right!

    Moderator Z’maji
    High Priest of Man-Diva Ovahness!

  5. MTV Latin America began to broadcast that program of hers a couple of months ago. What in Holy Hell is so fascinating about her? There’s even a rumor that she’s not even gay. I saw the series finale, and isn’t that a coincidence that the final contestants were a man and a woman? Talk about contrived!
    Why did I come to this site?


    Now you listen William, you came to this site becuz Jesus is full mercy and grace and would not allow you to see death until you had experienced ME in all of the cockeye-ded fool!

    Wait, you’re in Latin AmericaVille? Yawl get T.V. down there?

    *ducks right hook*

    – Moderator Z’maji
    High Priest of Man-Diva Ovahness

  7. Oh yea, I don’t think she a geigh either but money make people participate in odd activities, no matter the bodily fluids involved.

    Haz you ever allowed self degradation for financial compensation…………….it rhymed!

    – Moderator Z’maji
    High Priest of Man-Diva Ovahness

  8. I’m actually considering the question you posed about self-degradation for financial compensation. Hmmm… huh, if I have, I must’ve blocked it out. I do seem to have this talent of going out at night penniless and coming back a couple of days drunk and sleep deprived and I have no idea how that happened. All I know is that I wake up with inexplicable aches and pains. It’s pretty much how I imagine Tila Tequila wakes up every morning.
    Oh, man! I just had an ugly thought. What if I have run into her while on one of my nocturnal expeditions (it rhymes with emissions)?
    Never mind.

  9. *blank starez at WILFREDO*

    If you’re gonna be so vulgar on this site of class and sophistication at least wipe your feet on the whore at the door!

    And no rhyming, until you’ve payed the membership fee!

    – Moderator Z’maji
    High Priest of Man-Diva Ovahness

  10. LOL, sorry about that. Just for the sake of not repeating my mistake, what part of my comment was vulgar ::innocent doe-eyed look::
    Keep in mind you have a photo of Ms. Tequila in all her big headed glory.
    Hah! Bet you thought I was going to say “big breasted,” huh?
    P.S. I had been lurking this joint for a few weeks and you didn’t even know! Doesn’t that make you feel vulnerable? Man, if Wilfredo were lurking me I’d ask for Witness Protection, let me tell you.
    P.P.S. You got quite a unique place. No sarcasm there. I likes.

  11. No, No, NO WILliam, I’ve knew you were lurking.

    I just couldn’t let you know that, that I knew.

    Cuz I knew I couldn’t let you know that, that I knew, that u knew, that I know you’d been lurkin……..


    – Moderator Z’maji
    High Priest of Man-Diva Ovahness

    P.S. Thanx for reading, I hope to retain you as a regular……..

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