Christian Siriano Still Servin You Fashion Week Ovahness

Y’know loves,  it feels like a CHICO’s kinda day (ewwww) so I wanted to treat you to some behind the scenes smut from Chrissy Siriano.  Awwww, look at our little ferocia being all authoritative and influential and thangs. Everytime I see that gravity defying, razor sharp do,  I get giddy all up and through my heart region……………all up and through *sniffle*.  Now,  I heard through sour grapes on the grapevine that someone,  somewhere was sippin on a haterade martini beverage because my homeboy over at Fashion Indie, Daniel Saynt, was gonna crash Siriano’s showing at Fashion Week.  You people just better thank Anna Wintour’s wig set that I wasn’t there to crash the show.  The carnage I would’ve poured out on those poor little door people with their precious little lists.  Fashion Week blood shed is just so PETA and you know how much I love them *finger down throat*.  Now move,  I came to see Chrissy.
-Z’maji,  “Hello, 911,  yes there’s been a mass butt-whoppin at Fashion Week…………..I don’t know,  some beautiful Man-Diva beat down the entire door staff!  There was so much Ovahness!”
Candid, front row footage of the Siriano showing,  please don’t drool on my blog or I’ll kill you………no seriously,  I’ll scratch your eyes out!

4 responses to “Christian Siriano Still Servin You Fashion Week Ovahness

  1. I’ll bet that Siriano could be a lot more productive if he didn’t have such a high maintenance hairstyle. Damn! How long does it take for him to get his hair like that? It’s so Kajagoogoo!

  2. DON’T you start bringing up 80’s one hit wonders again WILliam! I’ve always imagined that right when he gets out of the shower he makes out with and electric plug and VOILA! Instant style! He should patent it…….

    – Moderator Z’maji
    High Priest of Man-Diva Ovahness

  3. I that Project Runway, I’ve been told, he would explain how he would take a long-ass time to fix that hair.
    He also has one of those personalities where you want to protect him from bullies so that you can throttle him yourself –or so I’ve been told.

  4. The beginning of the sentence should be, “In Project Runway…” Sorry about that.

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