What Use To Was………..


Do you remember when you’d watch a Lindsey Lohan movie and before you knew it, you were drooling into your popcorn with the butter like oil substance?  There was a time when that freckled bosom was the most searched for thing online. Search engines where crashing at the overwhelming quest of young boys and dirty geezers to find just a twinkle of milky white Mean Girl flesh…………..God, I’ve made me’self hot.  Now-a-days however,  I’d rather watch Rosie O’Donnel win a wet t-shirt contest *shiver*.  That might be a bit dramatic but I won’t take it back,  I’m gangsta like that.  What happened to that hot piece that was making crappy teen movies and bein all readheaded and hot and stuff?  This is the problem with celebrity.  I always compare fame to one of those sucky face spider things from the movie Alien,  it’s ALWAYS gonna end real bad.  It just sucks the life from you and all that’s left is an emaciated douchebag on auto-pilot.  Dude, I mean, I wouldn’t hit it with YOUR no-no! 

     – Z’maji, “Hello……….Fed-Ex…………yes, can I deliver 5 whole hamz and a side of beef and a tub of lard and some aerosol cheese and a box of red hair dye to Lindsey Lohan……………………yea,  we gotta bring the sexy back……….*click*……hello?………..”


11 responses to “What Use To Was………..

  1. I’m with you on that! she used to be beautiful! What happen?

  2. ^^I don’t know KayKay my love?! Celebrity is sux like the clap!

    – Moderator Z’maji
    Grandness Supremo

  3. agreed… totally….. i have no idea what happens to these young women once they start running around hollywood making azzes of themselves.. they lose their minds and the pounds fall off…
    he looks really manky and washed out… ugh…

  4. ^^Oh my Jesus! Did you just call LiLo “he”? That is so rude, you apologize to that nice young man! Honestly London, you Brits are supposed to posess more class than we Yanks…….for shame! *cheeze*

    -Moderator Z’maji
    Grandness Supreme

  5. It’s almost like she has a to do list on her she can destroy herself and her career. If that’s the case, then she is very goal oriented.

  6. tee hee WIL, you’re so observant. I think she just needs a dose of the Holy Ghost and for a big black church woman to grab her by her face and tell her to sit down and shut up and get herself together!

    -Moderator Z’maji
    Grandness Supremo Divine

  7. she needs a cookie.

  8. @ BELLA – a cookieez? The kinda cookie she needs, the Keebler Elf’s aint even invented yet!

    -Moderator Z’maji
    Grandness Supremo

  9. I think between you and Bella there is a solution: have a big black church lady pin her down and force feed LL a whole bag of delicious Toll House cookie and a liter of milk. It could just be as simple that she’s forgotten how to eat.

  10. @ WIL – I still say she just needs a tub of lard and a box of Girl Scout shortbreads, nothin brings out a good appetite like cholesterol and polysaturated fats and such…..

    -Moderator Z’maji
    Ovahness Supremo

  11. nah man she needs to come to my house. i’ll fatten her up. put some kush in that bitch brownies and its over.

    she will be smackin on friend chicken and chuggin kool aid in NO time. and she needs a butt. because that “legs just connect to your back” look is not hot.

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