Mama Tina YES, HSN NO!

Warning: HSN products cause nausea, scabies, the cancers, the crazies and a big ol booty. Click at your own risk – Tina Knowles HSN collection
I lovez you Tina, so sexi mammi!
Peoplez, in case none of you received the note I sent via carrier pigeon, I personally have a crush on Mrs. Tina Knowles *singing Here’s to you Mrs Robinson/Jesus loves you more than you will know*.  Hot old chicks rock!  However, anytime anyone starts peddlin’ wares on HSN,  my spidey sense starts tingling and I get a huge rash on my butt the shape of Texas.  We all know that the whole House of Dereon thing hasn’t gone so well since most of what they’ve put out can only be worn on stage ‘Survivin’ with Destiny’s Child or pattin yo weave on the set of Single Ladies.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d still drank Beyonce’s bathin’ water after a rough and sweaty world tour but Dereon wasn’t what I thought it would be………………or actually it’s exactly what I thought it would be *sad face/disappointment in life*. 
Everything’s just so random and the word “cohesive” is like a child no one wanted but no one had the courage to get rid of so they just ignore it.  I stang by how yummi Tina Knowles make me feel on the inside part but it’s time to put this project sleep in the sweet rest of Jesus and euthanasia.  Of course, I am talking about HSN and that’s where fashion is murdered slowly along with your salary.  Which brings me to my 2nd point,  I’ll be starting an HSN rehabilitation group soon……..not for me, for you………really………..don’t judge Z’maji! 
Z’maji of HauteBlogXOXO

7 responses to “Mama Tina YES, HSN NO!

  1. them old bitches will buy that shit up.

    gonna get them a miss tina stretch jacket, floral dress and pastel pink and gold peep toe shoes for church. watch.

  2. ^^You already know BELLA. I really do love me some Tina *drool* but when I saw that criss cross pink and gold open toe shoe, I ’bout laid down and prayed for brimstone!

    -Moderator Z’maji
    Ovahness Supremo

  3. Man, I’ve gotten so advanced in age, almost at Death’s door, without ever hearing of even the surname Knowles, now I’m bombarded with it, even by funny-ass bloggers, who shall remain nameless (hint: initials OHN & Z). I really thought I could’ve gotten away with it.
    Death be not proud.

  4. I’m so mad you said you’re at deaths door, I’m goin to pray for a jolt of optimism in your life path……

    -Moderator Z’maji
    Grandness Supremeo

  5. One more Knowles and I’m going towards the Light!

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  7. @ WIL – Don’t go WIL, don’t go, once you pass the light you’ve got to pay retail and all your clothes come from a bargain bin at Target……..

    @ MIKE-Thanx Mike, I hope you pass by again friend, don’t forget to tip at the door, we take cash, credit and couture *cheezy*

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