Gwyny P. Gotz Mid-day Fabulacialeness…..




Look children,  it’s Gwyny P. lookin all fab and stuff!  Oh My GAHD!  Her shoe/bag game is bananas, BANANAS I tell ya and the fact that this woman recently bazooka’d out 2 screaming larva should really make you begin to make some life assessments.  Chris Martin must be (get ready for one of my ghetto soliloquies) beatin’ it out the frame in fulfillment of those husbandly duties.  She looks all refreshed and optimistic about tomorrow, not like the mother of two migraines but like a woman with a randy husband home from prison!  Whatever the case, I just want to spread her on a Triscuit with aerosol cheese and snort her like the last fix I can afford till payday,  but since she’s all vegamorterium(not a real word) I’ll just have her in some bean curd with a wheat grass chaser………..

photos courtesy of FabSugar

 – Z’maji,  “And look Ma!……………no make-up!”


4 responses to “Gwyny P. Gotz Mid-day Fabulacialeness…..

  1. yeayuh. her ankle booties and fuschia bag ARE the hotness. thats one of my fave color combos: black, gray and anything of pink hue always look nice together, well to me anyway 🙂

  2. yea BELLA, her mix and match is sicknin. I think the shoes are either McQueen or Guisseppe but I’m pretty sure I’m wrong *sad face*

    -Moderator Z’maji
    Ovahness Remains

  3. I was going to cite a quote here, but then I realized that nothing about this post is right! Funny, but not right!

  4. not a big stan of hers – tilda is my fierce whyt woman and benchmark… but i love the boots.. good heel to platform ratio – you could hop skip and jump in those… the bag – not so much… it is way too shiny… & a reptile bag should be reptile coloured… naturally beautiful…

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