Beyonkey Donkey Flaunts Her Mugler



Look at all that Beyonkey Donkey poured into a breathtaking Thierry Mugler original.  It’s like a bucket of KFC original but tastier and much more greasy.  Oh to be the Spanx huggin all 32′-24′-36′ of that jelly.  Beyonce taunts we the fashion elite on the set of her tour promo shoot in a Mugler one of a kind that is clearly NOT House of Dereon, Mama Tina gon’ kill her a few stylists before lunch.  I don’t know if you all remember, but Mugler has designed all the costumes and pieces for Beyonce’s new world tour,  including that of her dancers and band.  I don’t know how much that costs but let’s just say to pay for it, I’m sure Sasha Fierce is gonna have to shake that monkey until it shatters and falls to pieces. If this is just a taste of what Mugler has designed for B’s new tour,  clearly I’m going to need a wet nurse and a fresh pack of Depends cuz I’ll be soiling myself with sheer delightz.  Actually,  I’m soiling myself right now and you all have been a part of it………….and that just makes is that much more special Indiez.  Now pass me a baby wipe……..thank ya dear.

Z’maji, “All……..Them…………Hips!”


Beyonce Knowles


12 responses to “Beyonkey Donkey Flaunts Her Mugler

  1. Damn, I could set a bottle of beer on one of them hips. Don’t worry, Z, I would use a coaster!

  2. Glad to have you back, btw.

  3. Thanx WIL! I appreciate you for reading consistantly and commenting on everything. You’re the best homie!

    But watch yo’self, I’ve already allowed Jay-Z to marry her, I can’t have you settin cool beverages on her hips……….that’s way too intimate! What do you think this is, Sex & The City!?

    – Moderator Z’maji
    Dude Ovahness

  4. Am so not a stan of the little pretendress but…
    I am so glad that someone has given this child something to wear that suits her… she has been in the fashion wilderness for too long..
    You can only have your mamma dress you like her favourite barbie for so long….
    I hope this is the beginning of her style maturity.. long may it last…
    (methinks Michelle Obama is putting a lot of women in the public eye on notice!)
    Camel must be treating Donkey very well too.. no stress showing…
    And am glad her hair is gradually darkening.. cannot wait to see her with a ‘natural’ colour weave… supawomanly…
    oh and *jealous side-eye* @ wilf..

  5. Y’all just jealous that I have thought of B’s hips as a place for beer (with a coaster). With her dance, she can shake a good martini with them hips.

  6. @ LONDON – How dare you! That is not weave……..really it’s her hair……….it is I tell ya, it is…………. *runs off for a good cry*

    @WIL – A beer? Please, those hips could support a whole bar for happy hour…….

  7. That actually IS her hair for a change lol. She does wear wigs tho but you can tell when she’s wearing a wig and when she’s rocking her reg hair ( which is doesn’t do that often)

  8. I’d love to agree Ms. K, but they’ve made so many advances in invisible hair pieces and human hair wigs, you never know if Beyonce’s wearing God’s natural provisions or a horse hair skull apparatus designed by Mama Tina!

    -Moderator Z’maji
    New Man, Same Ovahness

  9. The thing about the lace front is I can always point that thang out. The way it crinkles a bit at the hairline is unmistakeable. She wears em a lot. So does Tyra banks ( I think they get them from the same place) But the thing about a wig/weave is, you can’t pull it into a ponytail like that with there being some lumps.

    So I’m gonna stand by THAT right there being her actual hair. If I didn’t do weaves and play around with those wigs a bit I’d shut the hell up lol. But since I do. . .

  10. the front may be all hers but the back has a big ole bump…
    she won’t let go of that length until she has a big makeover… or becomes a mom..

  11. I’m missing the bump

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