When Wannabe’s Attack!

It’s a stampede of candidates for America’s Next Flop Model.  Yes childrenz, you read right, they stampeded like a hoard of cows tryin to get to the feedin trough at the Olive Garden, Moooooo!  Not to volunteer to help in a needy community or to provide blood so there would be surplus for life saving purposes or to burn Anna Wintour in effigy, not important causes like that.  No, these delicate young heffas straight grid-ironed and clawed and catted their way forward for the chance to bask in the glow of Tyra’s premium silky weave.  I know Tyra’s gonna turn this into a “very special Tyra” episode and talk to the “victims” about how they overcame this “hardship” and it’s all gonna lead back to her.  I mean really, must we push, everyone will have their chance to be told to go kill themselves.  This is just ridiculous, I thought I was watchin’ a soup line in a 3rd world country and what’s pitiful is that most of these wannabes will be models when Satan starts up an ice cold lemonade stand in hell on the 4th of “Nevuary”.  I would call them whores for attention but I gave up snarkiness for lent………………………so I won’t call them whores……………………I’m just not gonna call them whores……………………no, I’m not calling them that…………not whores………………………wait, what is lent again?


6 responses to “When Wannabe’s Attack!

  1. lmao@ what is lent again

  2. Noooo, they took it off!!! Why?!? What the hell do they have to hide? Top Secret model shyt?
    Church should never take away from your communing with your readers. Isn’t that a commandment, or something?

  3. Oh crap! They really took it down?!

  4. am late.. the clip has been removed so i can only imagine the beasts that flocked to antm..

    gotta love tyra… i have mad love for her.. she packages and sells a 99% impossible dream to millions…

    btw…i gave up caring for lent…

  5. Look who decided to show her face… literally! Hello, london! I told you before that you’re a stunner!
    That’s all I got. I’m drunk typing again, so don’t expect cleverness from me.

  6. he-y-ello wilf darling…!
    yeah.. was over that panther..
    needed to switch up my look… it’s spring after all..

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