So Much Foolishnessez, So Little Timez!

WoW!  I’m sorry my Good Judys,  I know I’ve neglected you like unwanted broken condom babies but I’ve been real busy.  I’ve been neglecting you all like a dead beat dad,  the only thing missing is some nice cigarette burns.  I really do apologize but my apartment complex and the utility companies are forcing me to actually work so I can pay for unimportant crap like indoor plumbing and a place to live,  those money lustin whore monkeyz, ARRRGGH!  Whatever the case,  I’ve returned plucked, spackled, waxed and polished,  lookin more beautiful than evah!  I hope you children are still with me,  Glam’ah!  Check out the new, dreadlock free me.  Enjoy my face………..


Don’t I look like a little boy now?  A cute little boy with mischief on his mind………..


8 responses to “So Much Foolishnessez, So Little Timez!

  1. You really do look like a little boy now. Were you serious about the church business, ’cause let me tell you, you’re too young to be feeling your mortality.

  2. *thumps you in the throat*

    why? well why not, i say.

  3. WIL & BELLA – you two rock, I thank yawl for reading my blog, it means so very much to me. You’re the best. And yes WIL, I’m a church boy, yea, me and Jesus be on conference call like all the time. BELLA you know you like what you see, it’s just weird now cuz it’s like oogling an underage boy………naughty teacher.

    New Man, Same Ovahness

  4. yea u look about 15 with that cut Z

  5. londonbackandonlock

    but damn you are cute…. how young are you chicken??!!
    waaaaaaaaay too cute for the church honey….
    i read the news..

  6. Tee Hee, Oh London how you do makez me blush like a catholic school whore……….wait…………did you call me a chicken?

    Moderator Z’maji
    New Man, Same Ovahness

  7. londonbackandonlock

    bless you z – i aim to please.. blushing is good for the circulation…
    yes i called you ‘chicken’… it’s term of endearment for you lip smackin’ succulent young ones!!!

  8. still moleztable if you ask me, but didnt nobody ask me.

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