Miley Showin That Teeny Puddin….


 Since the new Hannah Montana movie made $34 million at the box office, it’s safe to say that her fan base of sugar high, musty young girls and horny, greasy palmed, lurkin’n’lonely old men couldn’t have given a hot colonic about the tragedy she unleashed at the actual premiere.  There’s a stylist somewhere that deserves a glass of hot piss to the face for makig a lovely girl look like Penthouse ‘Hoe Dealin Of The Month’.  Now no one told me Hannah Montana was going into porn!  I mean, is this a showing for a Disney film or did we make a wrong turn and end up at a Jenna Jameson 4 hour featurette.  I bet that dress comes with secret pocket filled with complimentary birth control snackin pills and flavored sugar free sexin rubbers.  I mean it’s a Missoni, so I guess I should like it but for some reason I have the strong urge to tear up my mama’s house robe and make an attempt at couture,  I mean a hoe rag……………and……………….and are those…………………are those Payless shoes?!?!  Oh, the WHOREmanity!  Miley is too cute to be lookin like someones weekend tasty sang’which spread!  On the other hand,  lookin at her in that dress,  who knew she was holdin like that?

 Oh Miley m’dear,  please just don’t shave your head and attack yo baby daddy SUV with an umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh!


13 responses to “Miley Showin That Teeny Puddin….

  1. Personally I don’t think the dress is that bad (though I’m not a big fan of the pattern). I think that everything else makes it bad. The heavy makeup (especially about the eye area) and dark lipstick, the hair and the jewelery. If she had a sleek pony, cut a couple inches off the fusion, and make her makeup a little more natural I don’t think she’d look like a common whore.

    BTW-the shoes are HORRID on that we can agree. I think that was her camp’s foolish attempt at trying to tone down the outfit, and all they accomplished was making a bad look even worse

  2. londonbackandonlock

    she’s a train wreck waiting to happen… she’s gonna bust out all ‘alternative’…
    those shoes are the start of it…
    when you start to go ‘alternative’ on the shoes.. it’s just a matter of time…
    and you know the make-up is covering something… whether it’s wild partying sleepless nights or some other abuse…
    she probably has sam ronson on her speed dial already…

  3. @ EPITOME – Yea, the dress ain’t so bad but the execution leaves me feelin raped and greasy!

    @ London – Ewwwww, if she hooks up with Sam Ronson, I’m gonna put that dyin horse out of it’s misery myself……..

    -Z’maji: New Man, Same Ovahness

  4. I actually like the dress. Can’t stand the wearer though. I know she’s a little girl, but I’m just not feeling very charitable today. In fact, I have a blanket dislike of all girls who have made her a superstar! That’s right, I said it!

  5. *GASP* Wil, you can’t hold those poor girls accountable……….children are stupid, they don’t know a singin teen from a pissin monkey!

    -Z’maji: New Man, Same Ovahness

  6. Not accountable? Z, how do you think they manage to drag their parents to those concerts? Emotional blackmail is how!
    Hell, I’m still pissed off at my nephews for making me watch Barney when they were 3 years old!

  7. @ WIL – You leave Barney out of this, he’s a friendly, fun loving T-Rex with a heart of gold……….sure he’s a pedophile but at least he teaches those kids something…….

    -Z’maji: NewMan, Same Ovahness

  8. Hahahaha! I used to tell my nephews that first chance Barney gets, he’s gonna eat them. For some reason, my sister wasn’t pleased with that. I was trying to help her, dammit!

  9. @ WIL – No, No, even at a young age I knew there was somethin flaky about a grown T-Rex havin play time with unattended children in the middle of an empty park………..Shady Dealins!

    -Z’maji: New Man, Same Ovahness

  10. ::shudder::

  11. I don’t like the dress or anything about the entire thing. Nothing is flattering. It just all looks cheap and kinda kmart to me. and Can she PLEASE get that snaggle tooth shaved down, pulled out or fixed! Sheesh! I mean seriously

  12. Bitch is wack. I hate her and her racist mulleted ass pops.

    • Ummmm, so what do you really feel about her MIN? No…..really……..don’t hold back………..


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