These Computer Issues Let Me Know The Devil Is Still Workin

I’m so sorry,  I’ve been a WHORE-ible blog moderator.  No new material or nothin but my computer is on itz rag and it ain’t good for nothing no more so till I fix it I have to use the computer at the library.  They only let you use it for 2 hours so there’s so much other crap I have to do daily online that I haven’t had much time to blog.  My computer at home just stares at me now but I want you to know that using the computer at the library is just as bad as it sounds.  I liken it to getting hit in the face with a freight train………….it’s just not a good experience.  I forgot that library’s smell like menopause and low life expectations.  Calgon take me away to the apple computer store for a new laptop!   Donations anyone?!


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