Tyra Stalkin Is The New Spectator Sport, Like Huntin Elephanticalz!



Did you’se reprobates know that Tyra had a stalker?  I know right!  Look at poor TyTy baby leavin the courthouse and she’s still modeling with her eyes,  good girl!  When I read about this, I had to sniff my coffee to make sure the Starbucks girl hadn’t put a little chuggin gin in my latte again.  At 1st I thought it would be some finger snappin, lip glossed crossdresser,  in run over Payless clogs and a $1 store wig that wanted to replace her as the fiercest piece in daytime but to my suprise it’s an honest to goodness stalker.  I thought stalking went out with shoulder pads and jellies?!  You know she’s gonna turn this crap into a 3 part “very special” Tyra show and there’s gonna be some tranny givin out tips on self defense and how to create an authentic looking cameltoe,  such an ordeal!  Who stalks anymore?  I mean there was that one time when I made that movie with Grace Jones on my video phone while she was asleep but that’s different b’cuz I love her like soooo much………….no really,  it’s totally different.  Hiding in bushes,  lurking outside windows,  creating authentic looking counterfeit credentials and badges to gain access to wherever they are……………I mean,  that’s just what I heard they do, besides, that’s just too much work and I can’t be missin Oprah…………oops, I mean Tyra…………..


4 responses to “Tyra Stalkin Is The New Spectator Sport, Like Huntin Elephanticalz!

  1. Wow, Z, how can such a short paragraph how so much wrongness? LOL
    The thing that gets me most about this stalking issue is that it validates that it’s ALL about her. Damn you, stalker! Damn you to hell!

    • You know, when I read it, I didn’t realize that. When I posted it however, I logged off and went to pray for my own self………..

      -Z’maji: New Man, Same Ovahness

  2. Dude, where you at?!?

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