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Remember MJ In A Jazzy Way


In honor of the King and the fact that the memorial on t.v. took me down to a real dark, dead & sad place and no I don’t mean Wal-Marts menswear section or Florida’s innercitys *winks at QQ*,  I present to you Michael’s Bedazzled TipToe medallion!  Now before you all begin to offer me your 1st born and make disgusting sexual advances upon my sanctified person,  I can’t help you get one, so unfortunately I won’t be able to wield that beautiful power over your unsuspecting lives.  Bwoy Wonder, a fly mister from London-town, creates one of a kind lego medallions of pop culture staples that are an accessory whorez dewey moist dream.  This is definitely one of the dopest additions to any HollyHood hipster’s wardrobe.  Now you might not be able to rock this at your next PTA meeting or neighbor hood watch potluck but I’m sure you glamah’dollz can find somewherez to rock it.  Be careful now,  if you do get your hands on one,  you might be in danger of bodily harm from random sycophants………..namely me, GIMME THEM GOODZ!

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