Alexander Wang Croc Print Jacket…Get It Before RiRi Does!


Everybody’s doin Rihanna’s style these days and as they should cuz lets face it, that thang really is all that,  I mean she really i-yus.  Here’s an Alexander Wang creation that looks ready to hang off RiRi’s butta brown frame.  I’m sure right now you’re thinkin of taking out that second mortgage or callin up that sugar daddy you went all neck wigglin independent woman on talkin bout “I don’t need to lay on my back to get ahead in life……..well not anymore now that you’ve already given me what I wanted, put a ring on it!”

Who knew that the big head lil hottie would turn into a real style icon, not me.  To be honest I was in my prayer closet, wrapped in my cashmere prayer cloth prayin for a rabid herd of trannies to take her out……..I’m sorry but Pon De Replay really pissed me off peoplez.  Anyway, she proved me wrong and though her music still doesn’t move mi nalgas, her style has captivated me.  Clearly it’s done the same for others as I was shocked to see the new BeBe catologin which the whole style was very RiRi goth,  did they pay her royaltieez for swaggah jackin, I bet not one red cent, fabulous thievin whooorez.


One response to “Alexander Wang Croc Print Jacket…Get It Before RiRi Does!

  1. waw..if i could? .. hehehe .. : P

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